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The Identity of the Person Who Paid Dani Alves’ Bail Revealed

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It has now been revealed who paid Dani Alves’ bail. The former Brazilian footballer is now free.

Last Monday, Dani Alves left Brians 2 Penitentiary Center after a bail payment of one million euros. However, uncertainty about who had funded this sum of money wrapped the situation in endless speculation. Now, thanks to an exclusive revelation on the ‘Fiesta’ program, light has been shed on this enigma.

Marisa Blázquez, a collaborator of the program, revealed that it was not an individual person, but a company responsible for the controversial payment. This company turned out to be a renowned Brazilian magazine, recognized both nationally and internationally for its outstanding reports on significant figures.

“The magazine, well-known in Brazil, makes big reports on important people from Brazil, but also internationally and would have done it in exchange for a report that is already being made,” Marisa Blázquez exclusively revealed on ‘Fiesta’.

According to the details shared by Blázquez, the magazine would have made this payment in exchange for an exclusive report on the life of Dani Alves. The negotiation involved the making of a documentary-style video interview, which would cover the story of the former Brazilian footballer.

Surprisingly, Alves would have requested Joana Sanz’s participation in this report, adding an even more intriguing aspect to the situation, according to the journalist.

However, other journalists from the same program offered different information than Marisa Martín-Blázquez and attribute the payment to a bank guarantee, pending the receipt of more than 9 million euros that the Treasury will pay the former footballer.

The delay in confirming the payment was attributed to the processes involved in an international transfer, which require time to be completed and verify the necessary requirements.

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