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Neymar Pays €1 Million to Free Former Barcelona Defender From Jail

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Neymar has chosen to cover the bail expenses for his ex-teammate, enabling his release from imprisonment in Barcelona.

Earlier this month, ex-Barcelona player Dani Alves was found guilty of sexual assault and received a sentence of four and a half years in prison, of which he has already served more than a year.

During the trial, Alves altered his testimony five times, initially denying any sexual encounter with the complainant. He later conceded to the act but claimed he lied to conceal his infidelity from his spouse.

Prosecutors had sought a nine-year sentence, arguing that 4.5 years was insufficient for the severity of the offense, especially in light of Spain’s updated consent laws following a notorious gang-rape case in 2022.

Alves’ legal representation contested the sentence, and he has since been granted bail while awaiting the court’s final decision.

Remarkably, Neymar Jr’s father is reported by LaVanguardia to be covering the €1 million bail cost.

The issuance of bail was influenced by the court’s assessment that Alves posed neither a flight risk nor a threat to evidence integrity. Additionally, he was subjected to a restraining order, keeping him at least 1,000 meters away from the accuser.

However, this decision to grant bail has been met with strong criticism from the victim’s attorney, Ester Garcia, who voiced her deep disapproval of the ruling.

“I am really dissatisfied with this decision. We will file an appeal because we believe it is not in accordance with the law,” she said, according to ESPN.

“Justice is being done for the rich. It is scandalous that they free someone because they can get €1 million in no time.”

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