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Revealed: The Surprising Reason Conor McGregor is Concealing His Iconic Tattoos

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For the production of Amazon’s new Roadhouse movie, Conor McGregor was required to conceal and modify his well-known tattoos.

In a recent Instagram update, a hair and makeup designer, Flora Moody, shared insights into why MMA icon Conor McGregor’s tattoos were altered for a film project.

Moody’s post included images of her team working meticulously on McGregor’s ink, transforming his renowned tattoos for his part in Amazon’s forthcoming movie, Roadhouse.

The film, a reboot of the beloved 1980s classic, features Jake Gyllenhaal as Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter, and casts McGregor, a genuine ex-UFC champion, as a volatile hitman. For his role, McGregor’s signature tattoos were concealed and replaced with artificial ones to fit his character’s persona.

McGregor, famous for his distinctive body art, has his own name and moniker emblazoned across his abdomen, alongside a tiger emblem. A striking image of a silverback gorilla wearing a crown adorns his chest, with additional art covering his forearm and back. Notably, his first tattoo, an Arabic inscription acquired during a night out, remains his smallest.

In her Instagram post, Moody said: “The process of covering Conor’s own tattoos & adding fake ones took 3 of us an hour.”

Each of these tattoos needed to be concealed or modified due to copyright regulations. In the comments section of the post, an Instagram user remarked: “Hilarious. I didn’t even notice they were different tattoos. What a waste of time.”

In defense of her team’s efforts and to clarify the reasons behind the concealing of the tattoos, Moody responded: “Not a waste of time. The tattoo artist could sue Amazon for millions if he didn’t give permission for his artwork to be shown on camera. That’s why it had to be done.”

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