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Conor McGregor’s Latest Interview Raises Alarms with Twitching and Speech Difficulties

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Unusual antics are somewhat typical for Conor McGregor, yet the MMA icon sparked fresh worries during the promotion of his forthcoming film “Road House.”

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, shared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, McGregor was noticed frequently twitching his shoulders, blinking excessively, and seeming to have difficulty articulating his words. Known for his dynamic speaking style, McGregor presented a stark contrast to his usual demeanor in the video released on Thursday.

McGregor’s response to a question about collaborating with Gyllenhaal was as following, according to Yahoo Sports:

“Jake’s a consummate professional. 75 movies made. You know, I’m blessed (pause) to have entered into a movie alongside him. He was patient with me (pause), he gave me guidance and I just took it (pause). You know, we had a good rapport on set. He has 75 movies made (pause) I have 75 bar fights made, and that’s it. We had a good (pause) back and forth.”

The cause of McGregor’s recent behavior is uncertain, yet it coincides with a crucial phase for him, both in his acting career and his fighting career inside the Octagon.

McGregor made his acting entrance with “Road House,” which premiered on Prime Video this Thursday. Additionally, he is anticipated to return to mixed martial arts after a three-year hiatus for a match against UFC lightweight Michael Chandler this summer, although details of this fight have been uncertain for some time.

Despite not competing, McGregor continues to be a prominent figure in martial arts, with a peerless ability to generate revenue from pay-per-view events. The UFC is likely concerned that McGregor’s unusual demeanor in the interview might indicate a more significant problem, though they might be aware of any issues unfolding away from the public eye.

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