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Carlos Alcaraz Reveals One Word That His Coach Always Tell Him When He’s Losing

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Carlos Alcaraz often receives guidance from his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, during matches, and he has shared the advice he frequently gets from him, especially when facing difficulties.

The emergence of the Spanish player came at a pivotal moment in tennis, during an uncertain period about the sport’s future direction. While it was clear that Novak Djokovic would remain a dominant force for some time, the trajectory for the next 5-10 years was less predictable.

However, the scene evolved as several players, including Alcaraz, stepped into the spotlight, offering a fresh perspective on the game.

Alcaraz, in particular, stood out for his radiant smile and the evident joy he brought to his matches, a contrast to the typically solemn demeanor seen in many of his peers.

This light-hearted approach stems from guidance by his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, who encourages him to smile during challenging moments, a strategy Alcaraz mentioned in the lead-up to the 2024 Miami Open.

While Ferrero offers various pieces of advice, the emphasis on maintaining a positive demeanor is a notable and recurring theme.

“It depends on how he’s watching me. If I’m struggling a lot, if I’m in problems or not, he tells me depending on the moments. But I can tell you one of the things he tells me most is, ‘Smile’,” he said, according to Tennis Infinity.

His signature smile was missing during a period of struggle on the tennis court, a fact he openly recognized. However, it made a comeback at Indian Wells, notably when he broke Sinner’s undefeated run this season. The bond he shares with Ferrero has only grown stronger through these experiences.

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