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Allen Iverson Reveals He Could Have Been the First Athlete to Sign to the Jordan Brand

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Allen Iverson has revealed that he could have been the first athlete to land a deal with the Jordan brand.

Allen Iverson was a big fan of Michael Jordan while growing up, and was also a fan of the Jordan brand. Now he has revealed that he had a chance to get a deal with an iconic brand.

The NBA legend has revealed that he was in talks for a signature sneaker with the Jordan brand in an interview with Complex.

Upon being selected in the 1996 NBA draft, Allen Iverson immediately became the focal point for several major sneaker brands, with the Jordan brand even going so far as to design a prototype sneaker named “Bubba Chuck” after Iverson’s moniker in an attempt to secure a deal.

This move could have positioned Iverson as the inaugural face of the Jordan brand, according to reports from Sports Illustrated. Nevertheless, it was Reebok’s proposal that ultimately resonated with Iverson.

“Remember that like it was yesterday because that was a big decision for me. Just looking back on it, I feel good about the decision I made for the loyalty from Reebok and our relationship,” he told Complex.

“They [Nike] had a shoe, but I was convinced when I went in the meeting with Reebok that that’s what I wanted to do. They were great salespeople, and they made me comfortable about getting to where I’m at right now with the company.”

Choosing Reebok proved to be a lucrative decision for Iverson. Right after his draft to the Philadelphia 76ers as the number one pick, he inked a decade-long deal worth $50 million with Reebok, as noted by Inquirer.

His journey with the team to the NBA Finals in 2001, coupled with winning the MVP award, further cemented his relationship with Reebok through a lifetime contract. This agreement includes an annual payout of $800,000 and a $32 million trust fund available to him starting in 2030, as detailed by AFROTECH.

Moreover, Iverson has recently advanced his standing with Reebok, ascending to the position of vice president of basketball operations. This move places him alongside Shaquille O’Neal, who serves as the president of Reebok’s basketball sector.

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