The wahala wey pain pass na say, last Championship game, Blackburn win, but dem no fit use the win achieve anything.

Blackburn, wey get Jon Dahl Tomasson as head coach, no fit enter the Premier League promotion race, all because dem no score reach.

Tomasson and him boys win their last match 4-3 against Millwall, but other results for the Championship no follow body. Na so Blackburn miss top-6 because dem no score reach like Sunderland, wey end for sixth position. Both teams gather 69 points after 46 matches. E pain us well well, we dey disappointed. I no even get power again, after we miss the spot because of goal difference, na wetin Tomasson talk for club website.

Burnley and Sheffield United take direct promotion as number one and two for the league. Number three to six go play playoff matches for the last Premier League ticket. Bad season finish cost us die.

For many times during the season, Blackburn dey inside top-6. But bad finish to the season make dem drop inside table.

Before Monday’s win, Blackburn don go eight league matches without tasting victory.

So, Blackburn needed to win over Millwall for the last match, while other results must favour Tomasson.

  • We all know say we need other results to favour us. We just needed to make sure we win our own match.
  • We do am, and na well deserved, na wetin Tomasson believe.

Blackburn been dey lose 3-1 to Millwall, but dem do better comeback for second half. But the win only carry dem reach seventh place, as Sunderland win 3-0 over Preston North End.

Millwall finish for eighth place with 68 points and dem too don commot for the promotion race because dem lose.

Apart from Sunderland, Coventry, Middlesbrough and Luton go struggle for the last Premier League ticket. Promotion na something wey worth pass 150 million euro.