Antonella and Daniella can’t be blamed for leaving much to the imagination, as they both danced around in g-strings in the chilly snow.

It’s no secret that Lionel Messi holds a high status among many football fans.

And one can understand why, when witnessing his exceptional football skills.

He has indeed proven to be a formidable figure on the pitch.

However, his achievements aren’t only confined to the pitch, where he has scored countless goals. Off the field, he has been acquainted with a particularly attractive woman.

Now, his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, frolicked in the snow wearing only a bikini, accompanied by the wife of another football legend, Cesc Fabregas.

And the video of the two beauties playing around in the snow, barely dressed in bikinis, has certainly not gone unnoticed.

The clip shows that the two women left a heated pool, trudging into the snow before Daniella fell backward, and Antonella returned to the steaming water.

The video was shared in the wake of Messi’s wife’s birthday, which took place on February 26.

The post, which has nearly 75,000 likes at the time of writing, was a beautiful tribute from Daniella.

But this isn’t the only thing the Messi family has recently celebrated.

For the day after Antonella’s birthday, Messi could boast about winning the award for the Best Male Player of 2022.

You can find the video on Daniella’s public Instagram profile, so you don’t need to follow it to partake in the festivities.