In the world of Nigerian boxing, a beacon of hope has emerged amidst the gloom. Azania Omo-Agege, the Vice President of the Nigeria Boxing Federation, has stepped up to the plate, vowing that the Federation won’t turn a blind eye to the plight of the ailing boxing legend, Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Okorodudu.

Jerry, a Nigerian boxing icon who waved our flag high at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, has been battling health issues. He was hit with a mild stroke, which left him struggling to speak, and eventually, he slipped into a coma at Dan’s Hospital in Ikorodu, Lagos. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Jerry’s condition has seen some improvement after a series of hospital transfers, primarily due to financial constraints, finally landing him at Lawanson Lagos Private Hospital.

“Pulling together the funds for Jerry’s treatment is our top priority,” Omo-Agege declared, his voice echoing the determination of the entire boxing community, including coaches and referees, to rally behind one of their own.

The Vice President of the Africa Boxing Confederation also shared that they had paid a visit to Jerry in the hospital. “We had a chat, although he wasn’t strong enough to respond. But let me assure you, Jerry isn’t being neglected. He’s one of us,” he affirmed.

Omo-Agege further emphasized that this isn’t the first time the boxing community has rallied around Jerry. “When he fell ill previously, we all came together to ensure he got better. Jerry’s situation isn’t just a boxing issue; it’s a national issue,” he told reporters.

Jerry’s wife, Adenike, confirmed the visit, adding that they were still waiting for assistance from government officials. “Some of Jerry’s friends have been kind enough to donate towards his treatment, but we still need a lot more,” she shared with the press.

So, folks, let’s rally behind our boxing legend, shall we? After all, it’s not just about the sport; it’s about standing together as a nation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story. And remember, every little bit helps. Let’s knock out this challenge together, shall we?