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Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Worried He Might Be Knocked out by Mike Tyson

Photo: YouTube / BS w/ Jake Paul

Despite Jake Paul’s strong belief in defeating boxing icon Mike Tyson, his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, seems to have her doubts, contemplating what might happen if he were to be defeated.

Boxing enthusiasts from all corners have speculated about the experience of receiving a punch from Mike Tyson, and Jake Paul is on the verge of discovering it firsthand.

This has led his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, to ponder the outcome should her partner be knocked out by ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’.

Tyson, with 44 knockouts in his professional career, aims to add Paul to that list during their encounter at AT&T Stadium on July 20.

Leerdam, a speed skating champion, is not alone in her considerations as the bout between Tyson and Paul approaches.

Her concern was evident as she joined Paul on the BS with Jake Paul podcast, voicing her apprehensions.

Leerdam, an Olympic silver medalist, showed her unfamiliarity with boxing, earnestly inquiring: “But what if he knocks you out? Is that your last fight? I just want to get the scenarios.”

When asked if she would shed tears should Paul be defeated in Texas, the Dutch athlete confirmed: “Definitely.”

Nonetheless, both she and ‘The Problem Child’ opted to shift the conversation away from such prospects, suggesting they “shouldn’t even talk about it.”

The bout between Paul and Tyson has faced significant backlash, yet the potential for it to turn into a commercial hit remains.

Naturally, this potential is the primary motive behind Netflix’s decision to strike a deal with the two fighters.

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