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Draymond Green Confesses to Being ‘A Little Upset’ with LeBron James

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green has expressed his slight frustration with NBA superstar LeBron James.

Over recent years, the NBA has undergone significant changes.

Since Michael Jordan’s departure, the league has seen its popularity fluctuate, with the last decade featuring several repeat winners. Yet, the ascendancy of social media within the sport has begun to rejuvenate its appeal, leading to memorable moments.

An instance of this renewed interest is highlighted by Anthony Edwards’ remarkable dunk on John Collins, a moment that garnered widespread attention online.

This underscores the impact of the digital age on the league’s following.

Podcasting has emerged as another platform for players to engage with their peers and fans, offering an additional income stream.

While the popularity of these podcasts varies, Draymond Green hosts one of the standout NBA podcasts. However, as he shared in a video on The Volume, there’s a particular guest he’s been eager to feature, which has been a source of growing irritation for him.

“I must say I am a little upset that LeBron James is like going on the podcasts and he still hasn’t been on the Draymond Green Show,” Green said.

LeBron James, regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history, could significantly boost the popularity of Green’s show if he were to appear as a guest.

Yet, considering James’ commitments both as an NBA player and his responsibilities at home, finding the time to participate in Green’s podcast, even for a single episode, might prove challenging.

The development of this situation will be intriguing to follow in the upcoming weeks.

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