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Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Told to ‘Resign as Soon as Possible’

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ralf Schumacher has intensified his critique of Christian Horner, stating the Red Bull team principal ought to step down immediately.

Schumacher has not shied away from voicing his disapproval of Horner, and now he suggests that the time has come for the Red Bull chief to resign without delay.

Despite Red Bull GmbH dismissing an initial investigation into Horner, the saga seems far from over with reports of a complaint filed to the FIA. Schumacher is adamant that Horner’s departure is overdue.

He expressed his disapproval of Horner portraying himself as the aggrieved party during a press conference in Saudi Arabia. Schumacher acknowledges the personal toll on Horner’s family but insists that Horner initiated the controversy.

He also mentioned that it’s undeniable Horner and his assistant were intimately close, criticizing Horner’s reluctance to discuss the matter in detail.

Schumacher shared his personal experience of dealing with private issues becoming public, highlighting the challenges but implying the necessity of facing them.

“But there comes a time when we have to talk about it because in the end it’s what’s best for all parties. For example, you don’t hear anything from Horner’s employee and that’s not good. Nobody talks about her,” he told Sport1.

“One thing is certain: As long as this chaos remains, it will do immense damage to Red Bull. Horner said that no one is more important than the team. Therefore, he should follow this command and resign as soon as possible.”

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