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Christian Horner Won’t Hold Max Verstappen Hostage: No Pressure to Stay

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Christian Horner has responded to rumors about Max Verstappen’s future, emphasizing that no one is forcing Verstappen to stay with Red Bull.

The rumor of Helmut Marko’s possible suspension by Red Bull stirred up significant discussion. Max Verstappen made it clear that the potential departure of the advisor would impact his future.

Marko ultimately remained, but team principal Christian Horner, who faced scrutiny over alleged misconduct, had to field many questions about it. Will Verstappen stay with Red Bull? Horner starts by acknowledging the interest other teams have in Verstappen.

“Every team would surely love to have Verstappen,” Horner says, according to RacingNews365. “But as Toto Wolff mentioned: the best drivers always want to be in the best car. We are a team. Max secured his 56th Grand Prix win and 100th podium in Jeddah, all in a Red Bull car, and as a team.”

“We work very well together. Everyone contributes, whether it’s designers, support staff, operational staff, or other departments. You can’t achieve these performances otherwise. We expect to continue this.”

However, Horner does not completely rule out Verstappen’s departure.

“You can never rule it out. If a driver no longer wants to be somewhere, they will go elsewhere. But as a team, I see no reasons for that. Why would someone want to leave this team? He is fantastically supported and performs exceptionally well in a great car,” he says.

And if Verstappen no longer wants to stay, he is free to leave, Horner states.

“If an individual doesn’t want to be part of the team, we don’t force them to stay. People are here and work in the sport because they want to be here. They are passionate, and that passion allows us to achieve exceptional results. It’s about the passion and commitment of every member. That’s the DNA of Red Bull Racing, and it will continue not just this week or next week, but also twenty years from now,” he says.

“Like everything in life, you can’t force someone to be part of something just because there’s a contract,” Horner refers to contracts.

“If someone doesn’t want to be with Red Bull, we don’t force them to stay. And that applies to both a designer and a support role. Max has been with us since he was eighteen, and I have no doubts about his dedication and passion for the future.”

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